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piñata is a brightly-coloured decoration made from either a clay container or cardboard shape covered with papier-mâché. It is popular game for birthday parties. A donkey shape is the most common, although various other pop culture based designs have become common upto Halloween. A common tradition is to put the batter in a blindfold with the buster and then spin them before he or she tries to hit the piñata, making the person dizzy. Piñatas are commonly full of candy and other treats

 To play the game: 
Fill the pinata with small toys, treats or sweets by locating a flap on the top, there should be a round sticker to indicate where the flap is. 
Hang the pinata by attaching a length of string or rope to the plastic loop on the top of the Pinata and either tying it to a something like a taught washing line or tree branch.
Players take turns to pull a ribbon and hope that the ribbon they choose releases the pinata's contents. 
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